5 Low Cost Franchise Ideas (2019)

5 Low Cost Franchise Ideas (2019)

April 11, 2022 Off By DorkyMuch

An updated list of unique low cost franchises that can generate impressive earnings, some even capable of hitting that million dollar per year mark.

For just over $50,000, if you have a business. consulting or B2B background you might consider a cost recovery type of franchise. There are several of these available that indicate over $500,000 or more in revenue for their top producers. This is an impressive amount because these businesses are typically run from a home office and have very low overhead and operational costs. As a recovery expert you help companies save money in various cost centers such as telecom, waste, transportation and more. You then share in the savings which can be quite substantial.

If you have $25,000 to invest you might consider the CG3 fundraising franchise. CG3 helps schools, churches and non profit groups raise more money with unique fundraising alternatives beyond junk food and popcorn. CG3 staple items are branded battery assortment packs, batteries being something every household wants and needs, and organizations can offer batteries cheaper to their donors over retail while customers are supporting a good cause. As a franchisee you earn money from every single box that is sold, so fundraising volunteers become like a sales army and it is very possible to have thousands of boxes sold in a single fundraiser.

Next is business and franchise brokering. in a previous video,We covered M&A, mergers and acquisitions, which is the industry that sells large companies where potentially brokers can earn million dollar commissions on one sale. That business is not realistic for most people but brokering smaller deals is. Main street brokers as they are called are often commercial real estate agents that sell the smaller main street businesses up to about a million dollars like the retail businesses you see in your city. Because the baby boomers are now retiring there are a lot of businesses being bought and sold. Brokers earn a commission, usually about 10% up to a million dollar sale. So if you sell a million dollar business you receive a $100,000 commission, of course minus your fees to broker and any co broker fees. If you do go the real estate route you can get set up in your own city, however are limited by your geographic location, and there is usually intense competition. For about $25,000 however you can start your own Nationwide or even global franchise/business consulting and brokerage firm and represent businesses all over the Nation and potentially the world. We are actively recruiting for the worlds largest expansion organization so if you have business, executive or real estate experience contact us for details.

For about $20,000 you could open your own finance company, another existing field and negotiate loans to local business. Again this is a flexible opportunity work from home and you should be comfortable calling on and establishing relationships with local businesses. Banks currently turn down a huge number of business applications so alternative lending can be a life saver for them. Brokers can provide loans from $10,000 to up to 3 million and will make a commission of up to 15%. Some of the loan types include equipment financing,invoice financing,unsecured business loans ,business acquisitions, there are about 30 different types of loans you can provide wity this opportunity. $20,000 includes the training, support and relationships with the lenders that can often be difficult to set up if you have no experience.

And finally for a $10,000 investment you could consider travel planning. This franchise has been ranked #1 in the travel category for 11 straight years with entrepreneur magazine. This is a home based opportunity with over 900 existing operators all across the USA. and as a full-service travel planner you help clients arrange cruises, hotels, all inclusive resorts, travel insurance, day trips, destination weddings and more. Company provides training which is 6 days in Ft Lauderdale FL, followed by ongoing mentoring. These days social media is a big part of finding clients so I would suggest that candidates be comfortable using the internet to network. No travel planning experience is required, however you should have an affinity for travel and a desire to help others with their planning. Because of the buying power of this massive group you are often saving your customers money, while offering a quality service.


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