Franchise owner BUILDS HIS BUSINESS, Now helps others BUILD theirs!

Franchise owner BUILDS HIS BUSINESS, Now helps others BUILD theirs!

April 20, 2022 Off By DorkyMuch

This business podcast episode today is an interesting story about how David started his own franchise from scratch. The first one in his state. He left the comfort of a stable job and wanted to be a business owner. He then developed a strong passion for franchising and is now a franchise consultant for people around the country to help them start their own companies and build their own businesses. This is the 160th Episode of Clicks and Bricks we hope you enjoy David’s story.

Join the show:

(01:00) Kens starts off the business podcast by asking David about who he is and what inspired him to start a business.
(05:00) Ken asks about how he started by buying a franchise and then ended up being a franchise consultant.
(09:00) Ken asks David about the transition stage from how he went from a comfortable job into starting his own business.
(15:00) Part of the business podcast where David explains some of the hard times when he needed to shift his mindset in order to move foreword.
(22:30) Ken asks David about the big differences between buying a franchise and then trying to start a business from complete scratch.
(31:00) As we wrap up the business podcast today Ken and David go back and forth about how chasing your passion is one of the most important things when building a business.

About David:
I’m David Busker, the founder of FranchiseVision and a senior franchise consultant with FranChoice, the premier national network of franchise consultants. I bring a uniquely qualified background in all aspects of business ownership, financing and management to candidates for franchise ownership. I am a multi-unit franchisee and have deep business experience as a CEO, CFO, CPA and business owner.

I am passionate about helping others make the right decisions about starting a franchise business. Together with each candidate, I guide them through the process of setting their criteria, matching them to a franchise that is the perfect fit for their personal goals, then educate and support them through due diligence and business launch to set them up for success in franchise ownership.