How I Opened A Mailbox Store Without Paying Franchise Fees

How I Opened A Mailbox Store Without Paying Franchise Fees

April 23, 2022 Off By DorkyMuch . To Open Your Own Mailbox Store

The first step.
Getting started on your own store project is as simple as filling out our information form or calling in to talk to one of our National Development Directors. They are here to handle any questions or concerns you have during the store development phase.

Building Out Your Store
Mailbox, Print And Business Center Developers has built thousands of stores for our clients. When the site is ready, one of our Build Out Supervisors will travel to your location and oversee the entire build. We provide the labor, fixtures, and services required to build your store and then hand you the keys.

The Advantages of Independent, Turn-Key Ownership over Franchise Opportunities
We are NOT a mail franchise like UPS Stores or Post Net. You are the 100% owner of your Mailbox, Print and Business Center and everything in it. You have 100% control over all aspects of your business. You never pay royalties or fees like you would with a franchise. You keep 100% of what you earn. Mailbox and Business Center Developers offers financing assistance, in-house credit repair services (when necessary), site location, lease negotiation, training, operations and store build-out, merchandising, and comprehensive on-going support. There will be an expert available to assist you for every step of your center’s development and for the entire life of the business. Mailbox and Business Center Developers offers you virtually all the same services a franchise would without any handcuffs or strings attached. Why buy into a franchise when for thousands less you can be an independent owner who never has to pay royalties? Review the services we offer, watch the testimonials of our clients and the informative videos from our in-house mailbox industry experts. After you research all of your options, the choice will be clear and we will be here to help you begin your journey towards independent Mailbox and Business center ownership.

The Store Owner is the Boss
Mailbox, Print and Business Center Owners make 100% of the final decisions in regards to their new business. They also keep 100% of the profits. They control all decisions made throughout the process of getting their center open. Mailbox And Business Center Developers simply provides counseling, service and support. Our owners never need to feel alone.
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To Open Your Own Mailbox Store