How To Market Managed Services Today – Part 1

How To Market Managed Services Today – Part 1

May 2, 2022 Off By DorkyMuch

Why Digital Marketing Should Front-End The Sales Cycle

Managed services can be game-changing for professional service firms. Whereas most professional service engagements are one-off projects, managed services are typically based on long-term contracts with repeatable monthly or quarterly invoices.

Managed services deliver a lot of benefits. They break the feast or famine cycle. They’re usually pretty scalable. They allow you to predict operating costs against a defined revenue schedule. They stabilize your profits, allowing you to take a long-term perspective.

However, for clients to acquire managed services, they need to buy-in to a long-term vision for what you can do for them. Sometimes a committee is involved in the decision. Getting decision-makers and influencers on the same page is challenging.