Irrigation Tech (Who Left BrightView) Starts A Pacific Franchise

Irrigation Tech (Who Left BrightView) Starts A Pacific Franchise

May 1, 2022 Off By DorkyMuch

From Brightview to Pacific Lawn Sprinklers, let’s see what Jonathan has to say about our system!

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If you are a certified irrigation technician, this will put you ahead of the game and help you to start your own irrigation company today!

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Here are some additional benefits of owning a Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise:

►Call Center: We have a state of the art call center that handles all irrigation customer inquiries and leads. Scheduling and routing is systematically performed through our proprietary customized CRM irrigation software. Irrigation clients can book appointments, make payments, and receive notifications over the phone, online, or by texting.
– Over 40 customer service representatives
– 24 hour/ 7 days a week call center
– Prescheduling annual irrigation maintenance
– Manage lawn sprinkler installations
– Optimal GPS truck routing
– Text and Email appointment confirmations
– Automated Collection calls
– Online scheduling and secure payments

Whether its lawn sprinklers, landscape lighting, drainage – Pacific has you covered.

►Marketing: Our Irrigation Marketing Team vigorously works to advertise and gain new clients! We advertise for you! Install new sprinkler systems, repair broken irrigation heads, install new zones, and grow your own irrigation business!
– Locally Targeted Google AdWords Campaigns
– Daily Search Phrase to Keyword Analysis in AdWords
– Daily Monitoring of change in price trends for maximum brand recognition at lowest price point
– Seasonal Changes to Campaign Messages for Irrigation
– Custom Designs for Display Marketing across Google and Search Partners
– Seasonal Advertising for Services to our database of over 35,000 names
– Branded marketing materials (business cards, brochures, jobsite signs)
– Promotional Irrigation and Landscape Lighting Ad creation
– Customer loyalty programs
– Referral reward program
– Manage online customer reviews
– In addition, we manage the corporate website for our consumers, We also promote customer loyalty and referral programs which will increase your revenue.

►Bookkeeping: Our bookkeeping department will process all invoices for service and installations. Payments will be processed and deposited directly into your business bank account to help maintain a positive cash flow. Expenses will be processed and coded to the proper GL accounts and reconciled monthly.
– Onsite credit card processing
– Secure online payments
– Customer billing
– Accounts Receivable – record and process incoming payments
– Accounts payable – record and process bill pay
– Credit card and bank reconciliations
– Automated collection call and emails

►Sales: Our Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Sales Team will help you to develop and promote the most competitive and cost effective lawn sprinkler design proposals in the irrigation industry. From the very first call, clients will receive a professional and well-orchestrated process to ensure each irrigation service and lawn sprinkler installation is performed flawlessly.
– Independent sales department
– Track closing rates and material sales
– Sprinkler Systems Sales
– Irrigation System Sales
– Onsite emailing of estimates and invoices
– Ongoing sales support and training
– Custom built estimating software
– Estimating templates for renovations and installations
– Pricing guides for over 10,000 service items

►Continued Irrigation Training & Support: Over the course of our 39 years in business, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers has become that most reputable name in the green industry. However it is not an easy task to maintain this reputation.
– Irrigation Business basics 101
– Lawn Sprinkler Sales role play
– Classroom and irrigation field training for irrigation and lighting
– 1000+ hours of irrigation video content
– Residential and commercial irrigation design and estimating
– Tablet software training
– Troubleshooting Irrigation Issues
– Electronic and diagnostic training for irrigation
– Customer service and relationship development

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