Jimmy St Louis – Franchise 123 – Keep an open mind

Jimmy St Louis – Franchise 123 – Keep an open mind

May 4, 2022 Off By DorkyMuch

Do you ever research other countries for holiday and discover that a location you’ve never considered before was actually ideal?

Most people spend hours, days or even weeks considering which holiday is best for their next trip abroad. It makes sense you don’t want to get there and it be a massive disappointment.

It seems obvious, but the same logic should also be applied when researching which franchise business to buy into.

In other words don’t focus on just one sector, a restaurant business for example. Broaden you search and keep an open mind about other sectors. There may just be the ideal business off the beaten track that suits you perfectly.

We talk about exactly this with Jimmy St. Louis, ex-NFL player and Founder of Franchise 123, who is today helping aspiring franchise owners narrow down their search and find the ideal business future.

We also talk about:
– Taking a personal approach in business
– Which sectors look to be successful in 2022
– The relationship between sports and business
– The need for sales in business ownership

You can find Jimmy on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimmy-st-louis and Franchise 123 here – https://franchise123.com/

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