Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants WE WISH We Had In America

Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants WE WISH We Had In America

April 28, 2022 Off By DorkyMuch

List of the top 10 fast-food restaurants we wish we had in America. International chains that should bring their mouthwatering fast food to the US. Not made in America: 10 international fast-food chains.
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We want them. We need them. We can dream about them. We can hope they will get it together and open up near us. Here are the Top 10 Restaurants We Wish We Had In America.

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0:21 Dicos (China)
1:19 Kaati Zone (India)
2:33 Pizza Pizza (Canada)
3:44 Teremok (Russia)
5:03 Hesburger (Finland)
6:42 Pizza-La (Japan)
7:53 Chicken Licken (South Africa)
8:57 Wow! Momo (India)
10:39 Supermac (Ireland)
11:49 Toast Box (Singapore)

– Dicos is a Chinese fast-food chain that is super popular in Asia.
– Kaati Zone is a fast-food chain from India that specializes in wraps. Wraps of all kinds. Wraps with meat and wraps with veggies.
– This one may sound a bit familiar to you and that is because though Pizza Pizza is not currently available in the U.S, you can get it in North America.
– Teremok is a crepe place, well, actually a blini place (which is basically a crepe), and it first opened in Moscow in the late nineties.
– Hesburger was founded in Finland and is the largest hamburger chain there. You can also find a Hesburger in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, and even Russia among other countries.
– In Japan, there is this place called Pizza-La and it is clever. It is delicious. It is the second-highest-grossing pizza spot in Japan.
– Chicken Licken was founded in 1981 in South Africa. It is exactly what it sounds like: a chicken fast food joint that will obviously make you want to lick your fingers.
– Wow! Momo is a fast-food chain that started in West Bengal India in 2008 by a guy named Sagar Daryani.
– Supermac is an Irish fast-food chain that offers eaters all the things they are accustomed to getting at fast-food chains, such as burgers, subs, wraps, salads, and even fish and chips!
– You don’t even know it yet but you are really missing out without having a Toast Box near you. Toast Box is a Singaporean company that was founded in 2005.

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