Valenta Founder, Jayesh Kasim Demystifies the IT Services Industry

Valenta Founder, Jayesh Kasim Demystifies the IT Services Industry

April 29, 2022 Off By DorkyMuch

Valenta BPO operates a company providing outsourcing, consulting and CRM solutions. Valenta BPO is a franchise concept in the Professional Business Services industry.

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00:00 Introduction
01:25 How did you get into the industry of it services?
03:21 How did you decide to join Valenta and what attracted you to the industry?
04:57 Can you give us a little overview of how these segments are broken down?
08:12 Who are the competitors?
10:47 What about no experience in it services?
12:19 can you open up a Valenta franchise if you kind of keep your day job or is it an opportunity that you really going all-in on?
13:07 How is the day-to-day of the managing partners?
17:53 Get open, break even and start making money
20:39 Where do you want to be opening up?
21:06 Is there any particular industry vertical with a higher rate or they close contract with Valenta faster
23:40 How does a franchisee continuely be educated?
25:00 During covid: negative, positive or neutral impact?
27:33 Do you have a goliath public company?
28:26 Are there key metrics that you are tracking daily?
30:31 Conclusion

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